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National AAAA-level tourist attraction
China Sports Tourism Boutique Scenic Spot
China Natural Oxygen Bar
National Forest Village
International double river rafting resort
Fuzhou Primary and Middle School Students' Research and Practice Education Camp
Provincial Water Conservancy Scenic Area in Jiangxi Province
Sports Industry Demonstration Project in Jiangxi Province

       Jiangxi Jiubaoxia Scenic Area is located in Zhaoxie Town, south of Le'an County, Fuzhou City, with Jinzhufei Waterfall in the south and Liukeng "the first village in the ages" to the west. It has a comprehensive tourism resort area integrating ecological rafting, accommodation and vacation, research and study meetings, and experience and play. Jiangxi Jiupuxia Scenic Area (English domain name: www.jiupuxia.cn) has the title of “International Double River Rafting Resort” and “China's No. Wooden house vacation, business meetings, team building expansion, party building red training, research and practical education, winter and summer camps, archery, jungle adventure, cute pet paradise, track roller, bouncing cloud parent-child theme park, water park, beach buggy, real CS, Riverside music square, barbecue base, red culture and Chinese spirit theme exhibition hall. Free water play, free rafting equipment, self-service smart storage, free hot bath, etc. The scenic spot is more than 30 kilometers away from Le'an County, 95 kilometers away from Fuzhou, 95 kilometers away from Ji'an, 80 kilometers away from Fengcheng Camphor Tree, 140 kilometers away from Xinyu, and 160 kilometers away from Nanchang.










Route planning: Zengtian Town→ Wangxian Village→Zhaojia Town→ Wangnihan Village (Jiupuxia Scenic Area)

Departure distance travel time (about) driving route

Nanchang 160km 2 hours 50 minutes Nanchang South Expressway→Changyi Expressway→Fuji Expressway→Lean Expressway Exit (Zengtian)→Zengtian Town
Fuzhou 95km 2 hours 50 minutes Fuzhou Expressway → Fuji Expressway → Lean Expressway Exit (Zengtian)→ Zengtian Town
Ji'an 135km 1 hour 50 minutes Jishui South Expressway→Fuji Expressway→Lean Expressway Exit (Zengtian)→Zengtian Town
Fengcheng 130km 2 hours 221 Provincial Highway→Luozhou Expressway→Changyi Expressway→Fuji Expressway→Lean Expressway Exit (Zengtian)→Zengtian Town
Yihuang 90km 1 hour 20 minutes Yihuang Expressway→Fuji Expressway→Lean Expressway Exit (Zengtian)→Zengtian Town


We are all dreamers

We are all dreamers


Development history (memorabilia):
2015: After several inspections, Jiu Waterfall Gorge Scenic Spot is located in Qingli Village, Zhaojia Town, Le'an County.
2016: The commencement ceremony, the company was incorporated and plans to invest a total of 120 million yuan; the project received strong support from the government and the society.
2017: The leaders of Fuzhou City and Le'an County visited the scenic spot to inspect and guide the work; the scenic spot won the national AAA-level tourist scenic spot.

Building a new dream

Building a new dream


2018: The opening ceremony of the scenic spot, receiving more than 40,000 visitors. The Central and Jiangxi TV stations interviewed the scenic spots and successfully established a provincial-level water conservancy scenic spot.
2019: The first phase of the project is fully completed. With the support of the Le'an County Government, the second phase of the scenic spot is expected to be completed by the end of the year. Strive to create a national 4A level tourist attraction. The glorious development process of “Jiangxi Jiupuxia International Tourism Resort” has been upgraded.


The scenic spot is located in Zhaojia Town, the south of Le'an County, Fuzhou City. It is connected to the Jinzhu Waterfall in the south and the “first village in the ages”. It is a comprehensive tourist resort with ecological drifting, accommodation and vacation.

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Jiupuxia Scenic Area, Zhaojia Town, Le'an County, Fuzhou City, Jiangxi Province

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