Official Announcement of Jiangxi Jiubao Gorge Scenic Area


The official of Jiangxi Jiupu Gorge Scenic Area announced that Jiangxi Jiupu Gorge Scenic Area will be rated as a national AAAA tourist attraction in 2019. The drifting project of Jiupu Gorge Scenic Area is in normal operation, and guests from all walks of life are welcome to experience it! The second phase project of the scenic spot: boutique research and study travel camp, five-star home stay, original log cabin, expansion of group building base, more than 20 kinds of online celebrity projects, etc. are still under construction, so please forgive the inconvenience and poor service caused to you! The staff of Jiubao Gorge Scenic Area will serve you wholeheartedly!

  • The scenic spot is located in the south of Fuzhou City Le'an County Zhaocrip Town, south of the Golden Bamboo Waterfall, west of the "first village of a thousand ancient" flow pit. With ecological rafting, accommodation and vacation, meeting and study, experience and play as one of the comprehensive tourism resort.


  • Scenic address:

    Jiupuxia Scenic Area, Zhaojia Town, Le'an County, Fuzhou City, Jiangxi Province


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