Jiubao Gorge Drifting Trial Operation!


In this upcoming autumn tiger, only rafting can make you feel free to enjoy the wonders of nature and return to nature. You can feel different fun playing in the water. Rafting stimulates adventurous warriors to float from Lin Warriors to the river, F1 on the water! The first high-speed drifting in China! The whole journey is 3.8km, with a total drop of 189m. The gradient is 4.8m/100m. There are 2 10 m drops, 3 5 to 6 m drops and 7 2 to 3 m drops in the whole journey. It is one of the virgin lands with rich canyon rafting resources. The drifting river passes through the dense forests in the canyon, and the sunshine gives you a cool feeling in summer.

  • The scenic spot is located in the south of Fuzhou City Le'an County Zhaocrip Town, south of the Golden Bamboo Waterfall, west of the "first village of a thousand ancient" flow pit. With ecological rafting, accommodation and vacation, meeting and study, experience and play as one of the comprehensive tourism resort.


  • Scenic address:

    Jiupuxia Scenic Area, Zhaojia Town, Le'an County, Fuzhou City, Jiangxi Province


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