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Grab the summer's tail and recall the taste of childhood... the journey of parent-child, you, me, and him (her)

Lean Jiu Waterfall Gorge Scenic Area "Canyon Parents Drifting" On time, at 10 am on September 3 Drifting
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Lean Jiu Waterfall Gorge Scenic Area "Canyon Parents Drifting"

On time, at 10 am on September 3





Where is the hot summer day? Is it for the children to stay at home, or let the children play with water and see the beauty of nature? Is it for the children to go swimming in the pool, or to soak in the natural stream?






The canyon drifts over the river, with a total length of 3.5 kilometers and an overall drop of 80 meters. The water is beautiful and beautiful, and the stone islands and beaches are cleverly distributed in the river. Awe-inspiring, natural and natural, satisfied with the young and frail or older tourists, a young and old enjoy the splash.




The scenic peaks and strange rocks are standing, the pines are vigorous and straight, the clouds are infinitely changing, the Bitan waterfalls are densely covered, the bamboo sea is boundless, and the natural scenery is beautiful and the ecological landscape is excellent.




Here, you can feel the pursuit of the urban people, the desire to feel the nature, and the blue sky, the mountains, the fields, the streams and the common destiny







Here, you can feel the limit of drifting, the river is 3.8 kilometers, about two hours. The twists and turns along the way, sometimes flying down straight, a mile, and sometimes falling into the deep pool, the skylight cloud shadow, with the ripples.

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Note: The above activities are for reference only. The actual plan may be subject to change due to factors such as the number of participants, physical condition, weather, etc. The specific event is subject to the scenic spot arrangement! ! ! [Type of activity] Parent-child, photography, drifting, leisure [activity intensity] ★☆☆☆☆[activity difficulty] ★☆☆☆☆[Landscape level] ★★★★☆[Event requirements]: Severe high blood pressure above 1.2 meters Patients with heart disease, asthma, and other diseases that are prone to sudden illness, infectious diseases, and mental illnesses are declined. If there is a concealed condition, problems will occur at the event of activity. Jiu Waterfall Gorge is located in the south of Le'an County, Fuzhou City, and is 3.5 kilometers away from the town. Good original ecological resources and cultural connotation of mountain culture, the three cultural attributes of "secret", "interest" and "alcohol" of "mountain forest source" are introduced, combined with ecological forestry art techniques to create a watery forestry resort and countryside. The farmer's play and the jungle fun wilderness experience three levels of tourism products. An artifact that can feel the beauty of the world from the creation of landscapes


Sending beautiful mountains and waters

a unique drifting treasure

It’s not awkward!

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The scenic spot is located in Zhaojia Town, the south of Le'an County, Fuzhou City. It is connected to the Jinzhu Waterfall in the south and the “first village in the ages”. It is a comprehensive tourist resort with ecological drifting, accommodation and vacation.

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Jiupuxia Scenic Area, Zhaojia Town, Le'an County, Fuzhou City, Jiangxi Province

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